Best places to visit in Mysore

Poojan Jani
3 min readJan 15, 2021


We have heard the names of many cities from the names of gods and goddesses, but today we will visit a city that is named after the demon Mahisasur. The original name Mahisuru later corrupted as Mysore. The area was ruled by Mahisasur and there is a story that Goddess Chamundi rescued the people from the torment of this demon. Keep Goddess Chamundi Devi in your mind, we will remember her again in the blog.

It is not possible that those who have heard the name Mysore have not heard about Mysore Palace. It is known as the ‘City of Palaces’ because of the seven palaces in the city. Many palaces are now used as government offices, such as one palace being turned into a general hospital to help independent India and one of the queen’s palaces being donated to CTFRI. Although Mysore has become a high-tech city due to the beautiful royal architecture that is now used for non-public works, it has an ethnic feel and makes the city an innovative experience. Of all the palaces, Mysore Palace is the most talked about. It is the second most famous tourist attraction in India after the Taj Mahal.

The old palace was made entirely of wood which was destroyed in a fire that broke out during the marriage of a princess. There were also some changes from time to time.

There are 12 temples in the vast courtyard of the palace, one can realize its grandeur as soon as one enters from the gate of the palace. The magnificent three-story building, the four-cornered gardens of the palace, and the courtyard, which can accommodate thousands of people, make tourists fall in love with the first visit.

The temple complex as well as its construction, dome type, carvings, pillars as well as interior design are similar to other southern temples. Outside the temple, worship materials with lotus flowers are distributed which are very beautifully decorated. A short distance from the temple is a huge statue of Mahisasur surrounded by a string of shopping and snack shops. Where you can find Indian breakfast of authentic local taste, which is worth taking advantage of.

Almost everyone has heard about the grand celebration of Dussehra in Mysore. For days the whole of Mysore is adorned like a novice. And all over Mysore, there is just talk of celebrating Dussehra. During these days, renowned artists of Karnataka perform their arts. On the day of Dussehra, a huge procession with decorated elephants is popular all over the world.

Mysore is a city of true culture with cleanliness, technology, natural beauty, and all. There is no opposition to modernity here. Even after making a name for itself in the Mysore software sector, the sandalwood and wood crafts, as well as the traditional silk textile

industry, are gaining ground. The people here need to embrace technology but are not in a hurry to look modern and there is no aversion to the modern look of tourists. He still has pride and love for his language. They feel no need to understand Hindi or English. They talk to us with enough words. Loud music, unnecessary shouts, or loud expressions of emotions are not immediately seen in the places of wandering. A spontaneous discipline is like learning from these people. Their traditional food style, home-cooked meals, and fruits, especially bananas, do not seem outdated and they do not need to consider junk food as a state symbol. All these things make our Mysore trip special.

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