Excerpts from the Bolivian diary.

In a previous article, we talked a lot in depth about the Che-Guevara Bolivian Diary. Some things still needed to be added. Let’s move on from there. We saw some excerpts from his diary. Let’s move on.

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Some excerpts

We saw the skeletons of dead soldiers. Alrubio’s gun jammed and he died. He was the first Cuban to die. Sent a message written to Fidel in invisible ink. Bertrand Russell has asked for my signature for his statement about the Vietnam War. One of my articles has been published in Havana. Now people will know that I am here.

I killed a bird from Gilol today. There is no water at all. There is only enough food for two days. Debre has been caught. We ate wild suwar today. All have fallen ill. I have diarrhea and vomiting. People are picking me up and walking. There is no water at all so my smell must be reaching far. Raul has a blister on his leg and will have to cut it tomorrow. Farmers do not cooperate with us. If the government oppresses them, then it is better for them to come with us …

Today is my birthday. I am 39 years old. Old age is coming. Which makes me think about my future as a guerrilla. Right now I’m fine. Some Bolivian soldiers have been captured. The guerrillas want to kill them. I refused and left with a stern warning. My asthma has increased. I can’t sleep well.

August 1967 …

There is no cure for asthma. It’s been nine months since I came here. Two of the first six of the uprising have died, two have been wounded, I have become like a skeleton. I said what can’t stand can go. This kind of war makes the common man the best Kantikari. At such a moment we become perfect human beings. It is necessary to become a sharp kantikari. My heel has blistered, it has been cut off. Our photos and papers have been seized, it has become very bad. Our horse has got stuck in the mud. We couldn’t even kill it and use its bones. No water at all. Guerrillas fight for water.

Barriantos (Bolivian dictator) announces on the radio that I have died a long time ago. I have a reward of forty-two dollars. A letter says that it should be said less. Today I took a bath six months later. That now I will be caught. News of my death has been spread on the radio. For a moment I felt like today (September 28) was my last day.

October 1967.

Kamba and Leon are captured. He has said everything. Eighteen hundred soldiers have surrounded us.

October 7, 1967 …

(Last day) We, seventeen men, marched forward in the dim moonlight. We left many traces. At two o’clock we stopped to rest. It is useless to go ahead now.

Che was surrounded by 180 soldiers and the battle lasted until the evening. Che was shot in the left thigh. He was then taken to the village of Higurashi in Bolivia, where he was told that a woman had given him food. He was brought in. He shook his head in front of me and smiled. Almost will not live. She talked about raising the school in our village and our life full of poverty. Water is drawn all over the place where it falls. Existentialist thinker Carl Jaspers calls it the “courageous faith”. Che Guevara was one such communist Marxist revolutionary. He was shot dead on October 9, 1967. Came. Her hands were cut off.

At present, there is a statue of him in the village of Higurashi in Bolivia. People from all over the world come there in the room where he was kept. There are photographs taken during his lifetime. People stand there and take selfies.

Friends .. again I will see a photo of Che Guevara on someone’s t-shirt, again I will feel awkward … again I will ask someone about Che Guevara .. a person who cares about people … who has a concern for people … Will remember

Thank you …. comrades.

Post Credit — Vijay Soni

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Writer and admin www.thelitthings.com

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Poojan Jani

Poojan Jani

Writer and admin www.thelitthings.com

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