Expectations from parents while online learning

Expectations from parents.

The education system is fundamentally changing in the time of COVID 19. Thus, distance learning was nothing new. From the time of Doordarshan, various programs related to UGC have been coming. Getting an education through TV was nothing new. But, at the time, it was a choice. While today it has also become mandatory.

We never thought that a child would sit at home and finish the syllabus instead of going to school. If we talk about very young children, when the children studying in LKG and HKG go to school, the parents, especially the mothers, would get some time for themselves.

A child who goes to school goes to a different world than the family.

But, today the situation has changed. If there is one thing that the most uncomfortable is the mother of children under the age of ten.

Because children at this age are not ready to learn on their own. The teachers who give him online education exceed the expectations of the child’s parents. Teachers have certain expectations from parents. Children, especially in schools from 1st to 12th standard, will now study under parental supervision instead of school teachers. At this time the parents have to fulfill some of the duties and responsibilities themselves.

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Getting up on time.

Getting the child up on time in the morning and getting them ready for study by freshening up before the online class starts. This is the first duty. The child does not understand his responsibility. This task must be done by the parents.

About the mobile or laptop, you give your child for online study

It is often seen that only one mobile in the house is allocated for the study of the child. This mobile or laptop should be kept charged at night so as not to interfere with morning study. If the same mobile is used in the home, most likely it belongs to the mother. So during this time, arrangements should be made to avoid unnecessary calls on the mobile.

When learning through videos or pdf

When schools send readymade video or pdf , as a parents what to do? Well first of all check the learning materials are appropriate , ask your child to listen one or twice so that idea can be cleared in his/her mind. Ask your child to make a proper notebooks and check them by time. Many times children and parents become careless as they thought,that we have readymade learning materials and no need to do work by time. That is wrong attitude.

Internet connection

Additionally, most students have a complaint that the internet connection slows down. This problem does not arise if the parents are vigilant. The amount of time to fill online and the internet should be recharged according to the app he is using. The child should be given a place where an internet connection is easily available.

If the internet connection fails during the study, the child should be reminded not to get angry and reconnect without stopping to study.

While the online class is on

It is often seen that parents get satisfaction only by looking at the child’s attention on the screen of the mobile. Young children and especially teenagers talk to each other during online classes. Often the online class is on and our child is engaged in another app on the mobile. First of all, the importance of education should be explained to the child and then if the child uses another mobile while learning in such a way, it should also be explained how harmful it will be for him. As a parent, make a schedule so that you can be around your child while he or she is studying.

Contact with teachers

This is also very important. Parents should contact teachers once a week if possible. The teacher will also be proud of you as a conscious guardian. And you will continue to receive your child’s progress report. The teacher will also be aware that if you as a parent are constantly inquiring they will also be aware of your child’s attendance and regularity.

Attendance in class

Most teachers complain that even half of the number in the class is not in the online class. One of the excuses for a child is that he does not get a network connection or the teacher does not hear his voice or understand him in this way. If this situation does not arise as a parent, the child will not be allowed to study under such excuses. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. Parents should suggest that the child sit down to study with the study material of that subject by checking what subject is being taught while sitting down to study. Parents need to take care to ensure that their child attends the class online.

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Friends, the time has come when the responsibility of parents has increased more than that of school and teachers.

* COVID 19 is not going to last forever…!!

* It is only a matter of one year…!!!

* No matter what happens this year, we are not going to tell the child anything…!!

* Have learning this way is not to be done.!!!

* We have never seen such a study. What can be learned from mobile?

* The child is not an issue is app.!!!

* We don’t believe in teaching a child online…!!!!

Parents have to get out of all such arguments.

As a teacher one has to think if the child has to be taught from a distance then the teachers also have to teach from a distance.

Everyone wants this period to end soon. The child also has to be taught some special things. Every teacher wants the hard work they put online to be useful. And it is not possible without the cooperation of parents.

You have to fulfill the duties of both parents and teachers.

1.The child has to be specially explained that this type of education is a challenge to accept and to complete the pre-learning from it.

2. The child is to be maintained at bedtime and in the morning. So The idea that I can do anything if there is no school now does not occur to the child.

3. Books and notebooks on every subject of the child are to be checked so that the child completes the homework on time.

4. The child has to be explained that even if the school is closed, the teaching work is still going on.

5.If you are an educated parent then you have to check all the books of the child yourself. You have to do the way the teachers check the notebook.

Online education is a new method but it has to be adjusted. We do not know when the COVID epidemic will end.

But remember that no epidemic or contingency is more important than your child’s future.

Originally published at https://www.thelitthings.com on August 31, 2020.



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