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Well, it’s going to be your life’s special day and all the eyes are going to be on you and who does not want to look charming and adorable on their special day! For achieving great and smooth skin, you have to prepare a lot of things in advice and one another thing is you definitely can’t give a miss is looking after your glowing skin before marriage. One of the big concerns of any brides-to-be is to get perfect skin and perfect makeup for clean and healthy glowing skin. It doesn’t mean that one has to look flawless all the time, but if you have skin impurities and issues then you have to follow some steps religiously to prep your skin by the time your wedding day arrives:

The first step of the clear and healthy skin is, you have to hydrate yourself enough. Make sure that you are having plenty of water throughout the day. Additionally, you have to add watermelon to your routine meal during summers, which is a great source of hydration. It contains antioxidants and also Vitamin A and C which helps you in reducing the signs of aging and tiredness from your face. Vitamin A encourages the growth of collagen, which can help your skin to look supple and young.

You can simply dab a cotton ball or cotton pad in watermelon juice and apply it to your face after cleansing and toning. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then simply rinse it with water, then simply apply any moisturizer according to your skin type to lock the hydration in your face. You can try this remedy twice a week to get that glow on your face. Watermelon can also be used as a skincare product and you can easily put that cream or any kind of gel which contains it if you don’t believe in remedies or due to your busy schedule.

Products like GOOD VIBES’ Watermelon Gel is great for your skin. Its property gives you that bright glow your face needs. It is a naturally made formula that will keep your skin nourished and nourished skin looks flawless and younger even without applying any makeup. If you want freshness on your face in every skin, then go for it because…

*This gel soothes irritated and inflamed skin

*to get rid of excessive oil on your face

*an effective light-weighted moisturizer

*transforms dehydrated skin into healthy-looking skin

*reduces blemishes, redness, and puffiness

* heals sunburns

Apart from using gel, you can also use Serum sheet masks which contain essential vitamins and hyaluronic acid. They work excellent to provide hydration to your skin. You just have to cleanse and pat dry skin, apply the sheet mask on the face and keep it for 15 minutes. Then remove it and enjoy your facial like glow.


To achieve something good, we have to do work on it, whether it is about our study, about our hairs, or about our skin because all things take time to show us their goodness or results. To get glowing and radiant skin before your wedding day, you have to follow your skincare routine religiously and keep in mind to never ever skip it for a while. You have to prep your skin 3 to 4 months before your special day and of course, you have to also look at your diet and lifestyle to get acne-free skin. Add products according to your skin type. Also do a patch test before using any new products because you can’t take the risk to play with it, as it can harm or prevent any skin issues.


You have to add scrubs to your skincare game to remove all those dead skin cells, dry patches, blackheads, and whiteheads from the face. While using it, you have to be gentle with it as the harshness of scrubbing can cause damage. To get the glow you can try Brightening Facial Scrub, which suits your skin. Use it twice a week, not on daily basis.

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