Where is God?

Need a specific place to get to God ..?

Mandir Masjid Church Gurudwara Agiyari Is it not possible for God to exist without all this … ???

Is it really right to associate God with a place of religion … ???

What are we doing in the name of religion and what is religiousness really ….. ???

It is said that Mir Baki, a sepoy of Babur, built the Babri Masjid in 1528, which was believed to be the birthplace of Lord Shriram under its dome. Hindus have always asserted their right to this place. The 500years history of Ram Mandir started from here.

The statues of Lord Rama were found in the mosque on December 23,1943. The Hindus said that God Himself appeared here, and the Hindus put forward their claim to build a temple at this place. The UP government said at the time that the idol should be removed from the temple … but, official K. Nair of that time did not remove the idols keeping in view the Hindu sentiments, the place was declared a disputed place and locked.

I m writing to let you all know, this struggle for God’s place……

In 1950, an application was filed in Faizabad to worship the idol and keep the idol there.

In 1959, Nirmohi Akhada also filed its application.

In 1961, the UP Sunni Waqf filed a petition seeking removal of the idol.

The case continued in court from 1961 to 1984.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad became active in 1984, and a special committee filed a suit for the installation of the idol.

In1986 it was ordered to remove the lock.

From then until 1992, the whole incident was embroiled in various controversies with politics, religion, courts, newspapers.

This was just the pre-role now the chronology became a little faster.

On December 6, 1992, VHP, Shiv Sena demolished the structure of the mosque. Communal riots broke out across the country.

About 2000 people died.

For the next 10 years, the whole issue remained active only in debates and nothing happened.

In 2002, a train carrying Hindu activists caught fire near Godhra, killing at least 58 people.

Communal riots broke out across Gujarat, killing 2,000 people.

Man will indeed fight for religion, kill for religion, die for religion .. just WILL NOT LIVE for religion.

In 2010, the Allahabad court ordered the division of the entire land into three parts.

But in 2011 the Supreme Court stayed its execution.

In 2017, the Supreme Court ordered the formation of an out-of-court panel.

On March 8, 2019, the arbitration panel was to give its verdict in eight weeks.

19 August 2019 report came out.

August 21, 2019, The Supreme Court announced that the daily hearing of the case will now begin. The hearing was completed on October 16. The decision of the Supreme Court came on November 8.

2.77 acres of land were allotted to Hindus for the temple while five acres of land was decided to remain for the mosque.

The idol of Rama was to be moved from the tent to the Fiber Temple after 5 years *on* March 25, 2020, which will now be placed in the Ram Temple whose land was worshiped on August 5, 2020 …

Ram Mandir is a three years project …

The Ram temple is mentioned here only for the latest incident at this time …

If you read the whole history carefully, you will realize that the Hindus have fought to build a temple.

The God who created the whole world, the whole earth, and the universe which is God’s home … People fight to give place to God in the form of idols.

And, this is not that it happens here in India only.

Temple Mount is a disputed site for both Judaism and Islam, the Tawang Monastery is a point of contention between Tibetans and Buddhists …The controversy over the monastery for Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Jerusalem in Israel is known all over the world. It is said that the dome of the rock is located in Jerusalem according to Jewish belief, the Jews believe that from this place the divine creation was created. In the same place is the Akso Masjid of Islam which is the third most important religious place after Mecca and Medina .., there is the “Touch of Holy Selpcar” of Christianity and according to Christian belief, this is the place where Jesus Christ was crucified.

So what to understand now .. ??

Osho says religious experiences, not imitation … Not a matter of coping.

God makes us or we made God … ???

All religions were to lead the people of the earth towards one God ..,, Religion originated to create unity in the whole earth ..,, But these religions have separated people. Religion Has raised discrimination. If we talk about the wall that has been built between different religions, then perhaps the issue will become commonplace.

Have you thought what our monasteries give us .. ??

The temple-mosque is all made of inanimate stone and brick. These inanimate objects can only give you inertia… Rigidity… Nothing else.

One of the simple and straightforward truths of life is that true religiousness can create the lifelines inside you.

The religion originated to bring man closer to God, but each religion establishes a new God of its own, and then its followers who worship the same God …, consider their own God to be the best. My God is the best, my God is the oldest, my God is responsible for the creation, the claims are constant .and think about all these rights claims that religion or Religiousness is nowhere to be seen .. ???

The purpose of the holy places of worship should be to get closer to God just by getting there. A little peace, a little meditation, and a few virtues in life should be cultivated. But our places of worship have become centers of more and more prosperity, more and more service worship, and more and more charity. How can the God who created such a conscious creation be between the four walls inside the inanimate temple .. ??

Osho explains the difference between religion and religiosity very clearly.

Osho: I teach religiousness not religion

Religion and places of religion bind you, if you become a follower of one, the doors of all others are closed for you, and that is why Osho says I am learning religiosity … Not religion.

What is this religiousness .. ??

To hear and feel the music of God in the sound of springs is religiosity…

If your existence also starts dancing with the rhythm of the dancing trees, then understand that religiosity has come in you. If your face smiles when you see a blooming flower, then understand that you have brought religiosity inside you. Religion is nowhere connected with time and place. Debate and religiosity can never co-exist. By the time you assimilate the silence, you will become religious.

By the time you find yourself, you will become God’s most beloved child.

Osho says a very nice thing here.

Osho says that

if you want to bring enlightenment you have to be alone, be silent, observe the universe and understand the message of God hidden in the grain of creation. The huge temples, the gold statues, and the properties preserved in the sanctum never take you to God.

One thing I like most about Osho and that is that every guru explains to you that you do rituals, chant and turn the beads .. that’s all ..having Moksha is not a matter of your bed, getting Moksha is not your ability, that is what a glorious being can do. It is not at all possible for a common man like you to attain the position of Paramatma. Getting Enlightenment is something you can’t do.

When Osho says why being a messiah, being a prophet is the result. Silence, meditation, and solitude create an event within you. Which leads you to Paramatma. Every living being in the world can create these three phenomena within itself. Then why say that he cannot reach God .. ??

There is a very nice story about Dharma and Dharma Guru.

One was stingy, Did not do charity. Everyone knew that. This is extremely stingy. But one day he went to the shrine and told the guru to pray for my wife who was ill. The religious leaders said, “What Do you want to pray for?”

Stingy said pray that she would die soon. Dharma Guru shone, but he thought that he had come to offer prayers, so let’s talk about some donations and he said that how much money will you give for such prayers .. ??

He was stingy, he said money even for the prayer of death .. ?? Just think …

But the guru was stubborn. The miser was willing to give five rupees with great difficulty.

The priest did not see any benefit, he said, we do not pray for death. The stingy one pleaded again, this time the Dharma Guru said there is away. The Dharma Guru said that if a man advertises for charity but does not donate, his wife will die in three months. God has said that this is his punishment. You also announce donations, then don’t donate. The miser liked this way. He asked to announce a donation of one lakh.

Again, the Dharmaguru explained that if the announcement is to be made, will the work be done for a small amount? The miser thought this donation was too big even in his imagination .. but then He announced a donation of one million. He returned home. But in 15 days the situation changed. The wife began to recover. He went back to Dharma Guru. So the religious leaders explained that the death of the wife is a punishment. You have seen your wife’s death as a reward …

If that doesn’t happen.

Now do one thing, love your wife a little, give her jewelry, do something that will make you sad with her death, and sell her jewelry after she dies. Stingy didn’t like it but he did. Took jewelry for his wife. His wife was happy to see the jewelry. He showed a little love to this miser. Even in stinginess, seeing the love of his wife, a little change began to come. Now he too fell in love with his wife. The two fell in love with each other.

Again the wife fell ill, this miser went to the Dharma Guru again and told the Dharma Guru that now I love my wife and she fell ill, now she will die but I have saved her what should I do ???

The clergy said that the only way to save him now was to donate what he had announced…

Just finish the story.

Did the miser donate or not? Did the miser’s wife die or not?

Not to discuss.

Understand the mindset of Dharma Guru. Your Dharma Guru will be just like you. Because he will be one of you. So how can it be different from you ??

Look at the seriousness of the guru’s face. There will be a few Dharma Gurus who have a constant smile on their face. The job of Dharma Guru is to keep you serious, to collect donations from you. How can a man who is serious reach, God ??

If the so-called charity leads to God, then the attainment of God should be done to every rich person as they can give more charity.

But this does not happen

Think if God is not in the monastery …

If God is not in the promises of Dharmaguru.

So where is God .. ??

God is within you. Finding him out is stupidity.

God can never be between walls made of stone, cement, and sand. If God is anywhere, He will be in your silence, in your solitude. The way to reach God is not on the world map. That way is to find yourself. God is not bound by any monastery. Don’t live in temples made of so-called charity. Remember, God’s realization is an event that is possible even within you. Never resorting to so-called monasteries or rituals. They cannot reach God. The realization of God, the search for God, and the mystery of God are within you.

let be sure… culture and religion are different. to protect culture, to develop culture, to save culture is a different thing… and the task of religion is to create a path towards God. So, let’s start a journey towards God without the help of pilgrimage… without fear of hell, without the greed of heaven, start a journey within your self.

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Originally published at https://www.thelitthings.com on July 31, 2020.



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